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Corn flakes production line in Malawi

cornflakes, froot loops,breakfast cereal,cocoa puffs,snack making machine,corn flakes machine,snack food production line  DATE:2024/06/28
This is a breakfast factory of a customer of our company in Malawi(Watch video on Youtube). The customer ordered the cornflakes production line 3 months ago, mainly used to produce breakfast cereals and snack products such as cornflakes, rice flakes, oat flakes, cocoa puffs, froot loops. 

corn flakes production line

In addition to producing breakfast cereal flakes,  this production line can also produce snack foods such as corn sticks, and corn balls. The cornflake production line can widely use corn flour, rice flour, wheat flour, and other grain raw materials. After ripening and extruding and puffing by food extruders, plus baking in low-temperature and high-temperature ovens, and seasoning with seasoning machines such as sugar spraying, the produced cornflakes, and other products are nutritious, crispy, and delicious.
The production line in the video has been installed and debugged by our after-sales engineers and has started to produce breakfast cornflakes. The output of this production line is about 300kg/h, including sugar spraying and flavoring equipment and packaging machines. The production line can be flexibly arranged according to the customer's factory, which can save a lot of space.