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Pet Food Production-Good Business During The Epidemic

pet food production, dog food making, good business, epidemic  DATE:2022/07/15

During the epidemic, many businesses are not doing well, but there are always some exceptions. For example, businesses related to fitness and pets. Because many people cannot go out during the epidemic, they exercise at home and have a lot of time to keep pets. Today, I will introduce to you a pet-related business - pet food production. Since the epidemic 2 years ago, the sales of our pet food equipment have grown by more than 30% every year. And the pet food production equipment we sell the most is a pet food production line with a medium output of 1000-1500kg/h. This production line can produce pet food such as dog food, cat food, fish feed, etc. Of course, we also have large production lines with output up to 5 tons per hour, and small pet food production lines as small as 100 kg per hour. For those who have not been involved in the pet food industry, what I want to tell you is don't worry, from us, you can not only get high-quality machines that exceeds your expectations, but also a complete solution for your business. The layout of your factory, the installation of your production lines, the formulas of the products you want to produce, the training of your workers, these are all our work.

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