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      Check the fixing bolts at connection flanges, distribution boxes, gear boxes, or thrust boxes at regular intervals;if
they are loose,fasten them.


      Replace lubricating oil for reduction gears at intervals of every six months; clean distribution boxes and replace 
lubricating oil for new equipment after put into use for two months, and at intervals of every half year since after. After
the oil is replaced,check the bearings in distribution boxes to see if there is any voice after turning on the equipment 
check the oil pump to see if there is gas leakage or blockage.


      Adjust it if any loose happens; replace it when it is worn or damaged.

      Check the transmission vee belt monthly to ensure its tightness.

      Check the rotary cut blade regularly; if it is worn, please replace it to avoid production of inferior products.

      Examine the electrical wires once a week to ensure that all wire are tightly connected or covered with no dust;
examine the insulation resistance (less than 0.5 Ω) and grounding resistance (less than 4 Ω) at intervals of half a ye-


      Check the wear of thrust bearings in the distribution box at the 20th date from the start of running; if the gap isex-
-cessively large, please replace it immediately.


      Examine the screw and barrel after the equipment is put into use for half a year; if they are excessively worn,plea-
-se replac e the screw sets at the front.


      Apply oil onto the die head, screw, and other parts to prevent corrosion if the use of the equipment is suspended.

    Single Screw Extruder

      * Change the lubrication oil of the gearbox every half a year, 30# engine oil in winter, and 40# engine oil in summer.

      * Check each month the motor belt. If loose, adjust it; if worn, change it.

      * Inspect frequently the state of heating ampere meter. If the current changes, check the heating circle in time and
        change the broken one.


      * Inspect frequently the cooling pipe to be sure no seepage.

      * Check every 15 days the electric lines making sure no loose one and without dust on them.

      * Check regularly all the connect components and tighten the loose one. 

No. Problems Description Cause Solutions
1 No Ingredient 
is discharged
No flour is taken out 
at the die head of the 
extruder during normal 
production or at the startup.
A、Add inadequate 
water at the startup
Add water to the 
level as required
B、Excessively large 
size of pellets for ingredients
Grind it as required
C、The main motor is 
reversely rotated
Change the 
phase sequence
D、Inconsistent temperature Adjust the temperature 
as required
E、Residues remain in the barrel Turn off the machine for 
cleaning before re-turning on
2 Abnormal discharging 
of ingredients
Excessively fast 
discharging (over-puffed)
A、Low content of 
water in ingredients
Add water
B、Excessively high 
temperature at Area II
Bring down the 
temperature at Area II
C、Malfunction of the 
temperature controller
Replace it
D、Excessively-worn screw Replace the cutting blade
Product is not puffed Excessively low 
temperature at Area II
Adjust it as required
3 Abnormal cutting Products are not formed 
into required shards 
or involve rough edges
Some of the cutters have 
excessively large intervals 
or are excessively worn
Re-adjust or replace it
4 Non-rotating of the 
motor spindle
Non-rotation due to cutting
off of power or after the 
production is completed
A、The barrel is full 
of ingredients
Burning of ingredients 
at high temperature
B、Mechanical damage at the 
transmission gear
Open and check the 
transmission gear