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The degradable foam packing peanuts can also anti mouse and cockroach

eco friendly aticle, none pollution gadgets, degradable foam packing peanuts, biodegradable packing filler, packing stuff machine, degradable packing peanuts mahine manufacture  DATE:2020/12/15
In recent years, with the emergence of environmental pollution problems, environmentally friendly products have begun to make their influence. The degradable filler that I want to introduce to you today is also an environmentally friendly product.

Due to the huge scale of the packaging and transportation industry nowadays, a lot of packaging materials are used, and packaging fillers are mainly used to fill the box and the goods or between the goods and the goods when packaging the goods, so as to protect the goods from being bumped. The traditional packing stuffing is mainly some plastic foam filler, because it is not degradable, it will pollute the environment. The main raw material of the degradable foam packaging peanuts is corn flour, which undergoes physical and chemical reactions through the high temperature and high pressure of the extruder. At the moment of being extruded, due to the loss of pressure, the extruded mixture rapidly expands and is cut into various shape by the cutter . Because the raw material is corn flour, there is no need to worry about environmental pollution. There are a small amount of other additives in the raw materials, which have the characteristics of preventing rats and cockroaches, so there is no need to worry about the damage of rats and cockroaches. The color can also be chosen at will.

degradable foam packing peanuts