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Certificates and trophy of our company that is the proof of strength

snacks machine, pet food machine, fish feed machine, extrusion snacks machine manufacture, certificated, qualified machine supplier  DATE:2020/12/19

trophy of snack machine manufacture

Certificates can be said to be an important factor that many buyers care about, because an authoritative certificate represents a product with quality assurance. Like the CE certificate recognized in Europe, the UL certificate recognized in the United States, and the ISO9001 certificate. In addition to these common international certificates, today I want to show you some of the certificates we have obtained on the large B2B platform with relatively high gold content. Because those international certificates are basically quality assurance certificates, companies like ours that have been producing and exporting snack machinery and feed equipment for many years have already obtained them, and many of our peers may already have them. The certificates on these B2B platforms more directly reflect the sales of products and the serve level of customers. 

certificates of pet food machine supplier

First of all, let's talk about the company's latest 5-star trophy of Alibaba. This is a trophy with high gold content. It is a trophy awarded to a 5-star merchant on Alibaba's B2B platform. Merchants on the Alibaba platform are divided into 6 levels from 0 to 5 stars. The criteria for judging include product sales, timely delivery rate, customer praise rate, timely response rate, product quality and inferiority of the store , and more than a dozen standards. Only when all the standards reach 90 points or more are five-star merchants (100 points per item) . There are thousands of merchants on Ali's B2B platform, but 5-star merchants are rare. About 1 or 2 of 1,000 merchants can become 5-star merchants. For the business of puffed food machinery and pet food machinery, we have been able to obtain 5-star merchants for many years. Apart from our Jinan Sunward Machinery Co., Ltd., we have not yet found a second one. We are also a 5-star merchant of, the second largest B2B international trade website in China, but the criteria are slightly different.