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A textured soya protein production line shipping to South Africa

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Yesterday, a group of textured soya protein equipment passed the inspection of technical and quality inspectors and was loaded into containers and sent to South Africa. Textured protein is a kind of food or food raw material with high protein produced by high protein-containing material as the main raw material. Generally dry matter, raw materials are mostly processed soybean products, such as defatted soybean meal, protein concentrate, protein isolate, vital wheat gluten, etc. The shapes are granular, columnar, block, etc. High-grade textured protein is produced from protein isolate, with high protein content and easy absorption. Because it is a vegetable protein, it has no veterinary drug residue and is relatively safe. It has a wide range of uses. The high-grade tissue protein is filamentous textured protein, which has obvious meaty feeling after rehydration, and is relatively low cost compared with meat.Therefore, textured soya protein is a good meat substitute. Especially for vegans, it can ensure that vegetarians take in the same nutrition as meat food.

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