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Machine price rising

snacks machine, pet food machine manufacture, machine price, fish feed machine, soya protein plant, bread crumbs maker, edible rice drinking straw production line, degradable foam packing machine  DATE:2020/12/22
Dear every client new and old,

I must notice you that our machines' prices will be risen after the new year, no matter the snacks machine, pet food machine, fish feed machine, or the new products such as edible rice drinking straws machine and degradable foam packing peanuts machine. Because the prices of all steel material and spare parts all rising, and I think you have known the source is the price of iron ore rises crazily. But we still leave a buffer time aroud 1 month for our clients, during the period, our clients which have had a contract with us but have not made a payment can still have the aggreed price. We are a professional manufacture of food and feed machinery, and we have developed many products, except the ones we mentioned above, we also have textured soya protein production line, instant rice production line, modified starch production line, bread crumbs production line and so on. Our clients are located in more than 100 coutries after over 10 years' development. I hope every client with the above situation can get the notice or will bring you an extra expense. 

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