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Snacks machine and pet food machine sold very well this year during the epidemic

snacks machine, pet feed plant, fish food production equipment, artificial rice machine, soy protein maker  DATE:2020/12/30

There is no sign of the end of the epidemic, but the launch of the vaccine gives everyone a glimmer of hope. For Jinan Sunward Machinery, which produces and exports human food equipment and pet feed equipment, this year's epidemic has closed many traditional sales channels, but it has also opened many new sales channels. The previous sales model of exhibition + field exploration or B2B platform + field exploration is no longer feasible, because most exhibitions have been cancelled, and many countries do not allow foreigners to enter. Customers' purchase of large-scale machinery and equipment this year has become an online exhibition or live broadcast + video call. Through the online exhibition, they find the equipment they need, and then use the video call to inspect the factory and equipment. Some customers are not assured, they can also find a third party for inspection. We have been keeping up with the trend, and neither online exhibitions nor online live broadcasts have been missed. Although customers who purchase large-scale machinery and equipment will not place orders directly in the live broadcast like customers who buy daily necessities, live broadcast or online exhibitions are like a bridge, connecting buyers and sellers, and then customers will go further through other means. After verifying the seller, establishing trust, you can place an order.

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This year's epidemic has changed not only purchasing methods, but also people's living habits. It can be seen from the products purchased by customers. Due to the epidemic, many people cannot go out, so besides anti-epidemic supplies, the most popular products this year are household items. This year our snacks food production line, bread crumbs production line, meat analogue production line and pet food production line are all very popular, and this year’s new product- degradable foam packaging peanuts machine is also very good in sales.

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