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New year holiday notice

snacks machine, pet feed plant, fish food production equipment, artificial rice machine, soy protein maker, breadcrumbs machine, edible dinnerware machine, degradable foam packing peanuts machine  DATE:2020/12/31

Dear everyone, say happy new year to you in advance! Tomorrow will be new year of solar calender here, and we will have a 3 days holiday, from 2021.01.01-2021.01.03.

 During this time, if you have any requirement of snacks machine, pet fish feed machine,TVP machine, instant rice machine, breadcrumbs machine, edible rice drinking straws machine, degadable cutlery or degradable foam packing peanuts machine ect, you can contact us as usual, but maybe our responses are not timely. So the best way is call us directly with a phone or whatapp. Best wishes to everyone!

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