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Are edible rice drinking straws perfect substitute for plastic straws?

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In recent years, there has been a wave of plastic bans around the world! In 2020, the European Parliament passed a bill with a high vote: a total ban on disposable plastic products! The EU produces 25 million tons of plastic waste each year, only one-tenth of which is recycled. Many animals die from eating plastic. According to reports, the ban will be officially implemented in 2021, and plastic tableware, cotton swabs, plastic straws, etc., will all be banned! To this end, countries will independently explore alternative methods for environmental protection of plastic products. The bill also requires the recycling rate of plastic bottles to reach 90% by 2021. And halve the amount of the 10 most common types of plastic garbage in the ocean.

edible rice drinking straw

As the earliest manufacturer engaged in the research and development and production of edible rice straw equipment in China,  we have found that the demand for edible straw machine in China has begun to increase day by day since  2019. This is because China has banned the production of plastic straws from 2021. Since edible rice straws are a perfect substitute for plastic straws, it is not surprising that rice straws have become popular in the face of the huge market demand for straws.

degradable drinking straws

Why is rice straws a perfect substitute for plastic straws? First of all, it is environmental protection. This straw is made from natural grain powder such as rice flour, so it is not only very environmentally friendly, but also edible.

Secondly, stability. This kind of rice straw can be kept in hot drinks for 2-3 hours without maceration (after all, the main ingredient is starch, it will inevitably become soft and deformed after a long time, and it will eventually become batter dissolved in water. This also shows that the straw is made of natural materials. ), it can be kept longer in cold drinks.

rice drinking straw production line

Third, the cost is within an acceptable range. Some people may worry that the cost of this kind of straw will be very high. According to our actual production records, mass production and high-level production technology and formula, the cost of the degradable straw is completely within the acceptable range.