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fish feed machines and artificial rice machine were sent to India and Bolivia

fish feed machine, fish food production line, sinking fish feed plant, floating fish feed machine, large capacity fish feed extruder machine, instant rice maker, nutritional rice processing line, artificial rice making equipment  DATE:2021/01/20

fish feed extruder machine

Today 2 fish feed production lines and a instant rice processing line were loaded and sent to India and Bolivia. The capacity of the 2 fish feed production lines are 2 ton/h and 3.5 ton/h respectively and they will be installed in 2 fish feed factories according to the different output. The 2 fish feed production lines can processing both sinking and floating fish food and the diameter from 0.5 mm to 14 mm  is available. 

 fish feed production line shipping
The instant rice production line is used to produce instant rice, also named artificial rice, or nutritional rice. The instant rice is very convenient like instant noodles, it can be cooked in 10 minutes. We can put in nutrients in to raw material, so the artificial rice is more nutritional than natural rice. The raw material is broken rice, so it will reduce the cost.
nutritional rice maker