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Workers work hard to complete machine orders

pregelatine starch machine, nutritional starch maker, artificial rice maker, fish feed plant, pet food production line  DATE:2021/01/05

Time flies so fast. Two days have passed since the holiday in the blink of an eye, and normal work and life have returned. 2020 is a memorable year (despite many bad memories), and 2021 seems to be written in another form. No, it has just entered the New Year, it is about to set a record. Tomorrow's temperature will reach -24 degrees, setting the record for the lowest temperature in Jinan since 1951s. 

However, the workshop workers are still working overtime on the production equipment, and they have to rush to finish orders before the logistics stoppage before the Chinese Spring Festival. In less than 20 days, more than 10 production lines,  include core filling snack food production line, 3D snack production line, pet food production line, fish feed production line, edible rice straw production line, bread crumb production line, tissue protein production line, degradable packaging filler Production lines, nutritional powder production lines, and some stand-alone machines, such as extruders, ovens, flavoring machines, powder mixers, etc. need to be produced. Therefore, the work is quite intense.

pregelatinized starch machine