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We have instant rice equipment in stock

nutritional rice machine, fortified rice production line, artificial rice maker, man-made rice plant, reconstituted rice making equipment  DATE:2021/03/05

nutritional rice

Recently, colleagues have discovered a phenomenon, that is, the amount of inquiries about artificial rice equipment from Indian friends has suddenly increased, whether it is an old customer, a new customer, or a middleman. We are a manufacturer specializing in this kind of food equipment. The company has been established for more than 12 years. We have a lot of customers in India. Usually, Indian customers consult and purchase equipment ranging from fish feed machine to snack food machine, but recently they have concentrated on fortified rice equipment. At first, we didn't know the reason, but we didn't know until a customer told us that it was a new pilot policy of the Indian government. And the pilot policy requires everyone to purchase the equipment to be shipped as soon as possible, so everyone is so anxious to consult and place orders. Since the workshop workers of our company have been working overtime to produce equipment from the end of last year to this year, many machines are currently in stock, including the artificial rice equipment urgently needed by Indian customers. However, there is not much inventory, so customers in urgent need please come to consult as soon as possible.

nutritional rice processing line