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China first vaccinates people in key positions with the new coronavirus vaccine

snack food machinery factory, pet food eqipment supplier, extruder machine after sales team, snack food plant manufacturer  DATE:2021/03/09

Jinan Sunward after-sale team

The new coronavirus is no longer a new topic. It has been around for more than a year, and there is no exact time for when it will truly disappear from our eyes. However, the efforts of various countries are changing the bad situation bit by bit. Everyone knows that the new coronavirus vaccine in many countries has begun to vaccinate people, but the output is currently limited. China is no exception. Although China has a strong manufacturing capacity, many production equipments need to be strictly approved by the relevant departments before they can be installed and finally passed the acceptance before they can be produced. This takes time. The current number of vaccines is limited, and it cannot be vaccinated for all people. Only a part of the occupational population that is prone to infection can be vaccinated first, and some of it will be shared with countries without vaccine production capacity. In this regard, as a Chinese who is engaged in the export of snack food machinery and pet food equipment, I understand. Although I have not been vaccinated yet, the after-sales personnel of our company waiting to go abroad to install and debug equipment for our customers is still waiting in line for the vaccinations. However, I believe that the vaccine will soon be our turn of foreign trade companies that need to go abroad because taxi drivers in our city have already started vaccinating.

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