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Pet food machines sent to Pakistan today

pet food machine, dog food machine, cat food machine, dog food extruder, pet food production line, fish feed plant  DATE:2022/02/26

A pet food factory in Karachi, the capital of Pakistan, ordered a medium-scale pet food production line at the end of last year, and the entire production line was assembled in about a month. But since the factory on the customer's side is not ready, these equipment have been kept in our factory. Recently, we finally received a notification to ship from the customer, and we quickly contacted the shipping company. The technical workers ran the entire dog food and cat food production line in advance to ensure that there were no problems, and then passed the inspection of the quality inspectors. Today, employees in the logistics department wipe down the machines that produce pet food, wrap them in stretch wrap, pack them in wooden boxes, and then load them into containers for shipment.

pet food machines

This feed production line can produce 1000kg/h of dog food or cat food per hour. The whole production line includes a bone crusher, meat colloid mill, powder mixer, screw conveyor, dog food extruder, air conveyor, feed dryer, elevator, seasoning machine, cooling conveyor and packaging machine. The bone crusher and meat colloid mill are used to process animal bones and meat for addition to raw materials to increase the content of nutrients such as protein and calcium in pet food. In addition to producing dog and cat food, this line can also produce fish feed.

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