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Pet food machinery and equipment sent to Turkey

pet food machine, dog food machine, cat food machine, dog food extruder, pet food production line,dog food plant  DATE:2022/03/12

This is a small pet food production line with an output of 200-280kg/h. It can produce dog food, cat food, fish feed, etc. With the packaging machine, the entire production line is less than 40,000 $, so friends who want to do a small business can consider this production line. Our Turkish client is a veterinarian who owns a veterinary clinic. In the past, his clinic would also sell some pet food to customers. With the increasing demand for pet food, the customer decided to produce pet food by himself.

pet food machine

This pet food production line can be arranged in U shape, I shape or L shape, so it is very space-saving, and the area of several houses is enough. In addition to helping customers install and debug machines, our company can also help customers train workers and provide customers with formulas. So even if you know nothing about pet food processing, don't worry.

pet food equipment