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Fortified rice extruder machine assembling for our Indian clients

These extruders are produced for Indian customers and are used to produce fortified rice. The model is TSE75. The output of fortified rice is 300-350kg/h. These extruders all use square barrels with alloy sleeves The way of assembly is not only convenient to use and maintain, but also because of the protection of the alloy sleeve, the service life of the barrel is longer. And the screw is also made of high-quality high-speed tool steel Cr12MoV with higher hardness and wear resistance, and is subjected to high temperature vacuum quenching heat treatment. The gearbox adopts the well-known Nanjing gearbox in China. The internal gears are all of the best grade and have high assembly accuracy, low failure rate and long service life. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers often use barrels without alloy sleeves, cheap screws and barrels, and inferior gearboxes.