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Our TSE75 fortified rice machines output reached 500kg/h easily

frk plant, fortified rice machine, artificial rice extruder, nutrition rice making machine, frk rice machine, rice fortification machine, nutrition rice production line  DATE:2023/02/03
In the video, an Indian customer's workers use our TSE75 fortified nutrition rice production line to produce fortified rice. At the end of the video is the customer's evaluation of our equipment.

The video link:

India frk plant

TSEA75 artificial rice extruder is a rice extruder with medium and large output of our company. It has won the favor of a large number of customers for its excellent performance, moderate output and reasonable price. Especially since India began to promote fortified nutrition rice, our TSE70 and TSE75 frk extruders have received a large number of orders from Indian customers. The average monthly shipment is around 50 units. The output of TSE70 fortified rice machine is between 120-150kg/h. It is a small equipment and it is the main sales model in the Indian market in the early stage. With the changes in the market and Indian customers' better understanding of rice fortification machines, the demand for medium and large fortified rice plants is gradually surpassing that of small equipment, and the TSE75 rice extruder is the most popular. In response to this situation, our company continues to improve this equipment in order to better meet the needs of the Indian market and customers. The maximum output of the TSE75 extruder has also been increased from the initial 350kg/h to the current 500kg/h. In addition, the output of our TSE95 large-capacity rice extruder is 800-1000kg/h, which can meet the needs of customers with large capacity. Moreover, between the TSE75 and TSE95 models, the TSE78 rice machine is added to make the product division more refined, so as to better meet the needs of customers.