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Jordanian customer highly praised our fish feed making machine

fish feed making machine, fish feed production line, fish feed manufacturing plant, fish feed maker, fish feed dryer, fish feed extruder, manufacturer, Jodan  DATE:2023/02/10
Yesterday, a customer who used our fish feed machine contacted our sales staff, wanting some machine accessories such as blades, and chatted with the customer's production situation by the way. This customer has been using our fish feed machine for more than 6 years, and the machine has almost no major problems, which makes the customer very satisfied. Moreover, as customers become more and more familiar with the machine and the technology is getting better and better, not only the quality of the fish feed is getting better and better, but also the output is constantly increasing. The customer is using a fish feed production line of our company with a small and medium output. The main machine is a TSE85 twin-screw fish feed extruder (the most critical equipment that determines the quality and output of fish feed), and equipped with a 7-layer 8-meter electric fish feed dryer. The maximum design output of this production line is 600kg/h, but the customer's current output is 620kg/h, which has exceeded the maximum design output. The customer was very satisfied with these fish feed equipment, and sent us the photos of the fish feed he made.
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In addition, the customer also reported a small problem about the fish feed dryer. That is, when the fish feed enters the oven for drying, the mesh belt of the oven cannot be completely covered, and there will be more than 10 centimeters of vacancy. This problem mainly occurs in older ovens produced a few years ago. At that time, the ovens were basically not equipped with a distributor. Now the ovens produced are generally equipped with a distributor. The distributor will spread the fish feed evenly on the mesh belt of the oven, and there will be almost no empty space, so there is no such problem. This problem will not have much impact, at most the utilization rate of the oven will be slightly lower, which will not affect the quality of fish feed produced. 
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