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Instant Nutrition Rice Manufactured By Artificial Grain Machine Production Equipment

instant rice machine, nutritional rice production line, artificial rice extruder, synthetic rice making machine, fortified rice plant, man-made rice equipment  DATE:2023/02/18

This is our TSE70 small-scale synthetic rice processing line that was manufacturing instant rice.

Video of the instant rice production line working 

Instant rice is a kind of fast food, similar to instant noodles but healthier compared to instant noodles. It is made from grain flour, konjac flour and some nutrients, and is shaped like natural rice. It can be prepared in 5 minutes, which is just as convenient as instant noodles. The capacity of this line is 150-200 kg/h. Now in China, it is a popular fast food among office workers and students. But it has not yet reached the top of the market share, so the potential is still great. In the rest of the world, I think the situation is the same.