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Froot Loops Puff Corn Wheat Flour Crunchy Snacks Manufactured By Extrusion Food Machine line

froot loops cereal making machine, froot loops production line, puffed snack making machine, snack proceesing plant  DATE:2023/02/24

This is our small-capacity puffed snack production line that was producing froot loops with grain flour. Its model is TSE70 and the output is 200-300kg/h. 

Video of the froot loops production line working

froot loops production line

 If a bigger output is needed, our TSE95 whose output is 800-1200kg/h that can meet most customers' demands that need the bigger capacity. If the higher output is needed, we can equip multiple snack extruders in a production line, and the output will be times added. In addition to producing puff snacks such as corn sticks, cheeseballs, core filling snacks. Pet food, and fish feed can be made by our equipment as well.