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Another Hot Sale FRK Rice Extruder Machine With 600-800kg/h Output

artificial rice making machine,fortified rice machine, frk rice plant, nutrition rice machine, manufacturer, rice extruder  DATE:2023/03/03

The TSE78 model fortified rice extruder is another hot-sales rice extruder after the TSE75 model in the Indian market. 

The video of TSE78 model frk rice machine running.

It has the features of moderate capacity(600-800kg/h, higher than TSE75 extruder's 300-500kg/h and lower than TSE95 extruder's 800-1000kg/h.), reasonable price(slightly more expensive than TSE75), as multiple functional as TSE75 extruder, that can produce puffed snacks, textured soya protein, breadcrumbs, couscous, pet food, etc. besides artificial rice/dal.