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The characteristics and working principle of single screw ex

The characteristics and working principle of single screw extrusion machine
Extrusion machine puffed feed is a homogeneous, sterilization, bulk porous pellet feed after ripening, and the feed processing equipment has a dry (feed moisture 25% or less) and wet (feed moisture 40% or higher) extrusion machine, more common is a single screw extrusion machine, below is characteristic and work principle of single screw extrusion machine is introduced in detail.
A single screw extrusion machine, etc
Based raw material 1, powder (grain) after pasting, extrusion, cooking, the starch raw material fully improve the feed digestibility.
2, puffing bulk material structure, very suitable for aquaculture feed, pet food, etc.
3, short time high temperature extrusion, on the one hand, disinfection, on the other hand the passivation beans antinutritional factors, and make its plant egg is organized, and on the other hand to reduce the damage and loss of nutrients such as protein and vitamin.
Second, the principle of single screw extrusion machine
Extrusion machine, screw conveyor send powder to conditioning, after quenched and tempered into extrusion chamber, in conjunction with the extrusion screw and a screw, feed squeeze, shear, rub, a variety of action such as barrel inner sleeve of indirect heating, increasing its internal temperature, pressure, material plastic gradually changed gelatinization, finally forced out from the die hole, because outside the die temperature, pressure gradient, make the material instantaneous ask volume expansion and water vapor flash, the formation of expanded feed.

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