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The difference between the feed and food extruder Extruder

The difference between the feed and food extruder Extruder
Feed extruder and food extruder screw is the most basic aspect ratio, internal shear kneading member set different. People eat puffed food emphasis is on taste crisp nature, no one is to eat puffed food nutrition, food based primarily on a high starch content puffed cereal-based raw materials, such materials are easy to aging, so the aspect ratio of the short extruder, internal shear cut combines configuration weaker.
The production of animal feed to eat puffed long head, even for a class pet and ornamental fish also require protein and energy needed to sustain growth, so the formula contains a certain amount of protein, fat, starchy ingredients, should these cooked, require more energy, so extruder large aspect ratio, internal shear configuration combines stronger.
So, with feed extruder to produce starch-based puffed food, bit of a waste, whereas the use of such food extruder to produce animal feed, do unfamiliar or low yield.

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