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Artificial Nutrition Rice Extruder



Unlike the circular barrel twin screw extruder, this is a new twin screw extruder with a square barrel. Compared with the circular barrel twin-screw extruder, the barrel and screw of this extruder are assembled in the form of building block combination modules, which only need to replace the severely damaged parts, and the square barrel has a bushing, which further prolongs the service life of the barrel. In terms of material, the screw of the new extruder is made of high-strength and high-wear-resistant alloy tool steel Cr12MoV or high-speed steel W6Mo5Cr4V2, which has better hardness and wear resistance; the barrel material is 45# alloy steel, plus there is an extra protection of  bushing between the screw and barrel, which makes the barrel life several times longer than that of ordinary barrels. The aspect ratio of the screw is also more reasonable, so the quality of the product produced is higher. As one of the core components of the whole equipment, the gearbox adopts the famous Chinese brand Nanjing gearbox. It is characterized by sophisticated materials, precise assembly, stable operation and long service life.

Other features:

●The main machine adopts advanced frequency converter speed regulation technology, which makes the equipment powerful, runs more smoothly and saves electricity.

●Forced lubricating system to ensure a longer life of the transmission part of the equipment.

●Intelligent touch screen control system, you can clearly see various working parameters and achieve precise control. Therefore, the resulting product is of higher quality.

●Easy to operate.

●The screw has a self-cleaning function, and it is not necessary to disassemble the screw for cleaning when the machine is stopped.

This is a multifunctional extruder. In addition to producing all kinds of artificial rice (fortified rice, golden rice, nutritious rice, instant rice), it can also produce all kinds of puffed snacks, such as puffed corn balls, corn on the cob, puffed rice, Miao Cuijiao, Cheetos, rice crackers, etc, and pet food. 

Exploded View

artificial rice extruder

Technical Parameters:

 Model  Installed Power  Main Motor Power  Capacity  Dimension
 TSE75-R  106kw  55-75kw  400-500kg/h  5000×1200×2100mm
 TSE78-R  120kw  75-90kw  600-800kg/h  5300×1200×2100mm
 TSE95-R  141kw  90-110kw  800-1000kg/h  5800×1300×2300mm

Video of this rice extruder production:

Final product samples made by this extruder machine:

products of rice extruder

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