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Breadcrumb Processing Line




  1.Bread crumbs is a widely used food additive for deep fried food, and mainly for frying food surface, such as: fried steak, fish, seafood (such as shrimp), chicken chops, chicken wings, onion rings, etc. Its feature is crispy soft, tasty, delicious and nutritious.

  2. This processing line takes a new process for bread crumbs production. It is from powder to bread crumbs automatically. No bread produced during the whole process. So no bread crust appeared. The final product is bright white and with good texture.

       3. Waste materials such as powder generated in the production process can be used as raw materials again, so there is no waste of scrap

  4. The output of our bread crumbs processing line is very reasonable: it can be (120-800kg/hr).

  5. And the operation is very simple, the production time is within 20 minutes from raw material to final product.

Allocation of Breadcrumb Processing Line as reference(not fixed):


Mixer---Screw conveyor---Twin-screw extruder---Cutter---Hoister---Humid crusher---Air conveyor---Multi-layer roasting oven---Air conveyor(or vacuum feeding machine)---Grading sifter---Packing machine.

Technical Parameters:

 Model  Installed Power  Consumption  Output  Dimension
 TSE65  71kw  53kw  100-120kg/h 19000×1600×2200mm
  TSE70  94kw  76kw  180-240kg/h  21000×1300×2200mm
  TSE85  180kw  117kw  300-400kg/h 25000×1500×2600mm
  TSE95  245kw  176kw  600-800kg/h  30000×1600×2600mm

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Breadcrumbs production video in our clients' factory:


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Breadcrumbs can make fried food crispier and more delicious.

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