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Twin Screw Extruder


twin-screw extruder


  1.The main extruder adopts frequency speed controlling with high automation and stable per-formation.

  2.The screws are made of the alloy steel and special craft,durable usage,high pressure,the screw life is longer.

  Adopting the building block structure and combining willingly according to the different demand.

  3.The forced lubrication system,so that it can guarantee the equipment transmission life is longer.

  4.Auto-temperature control system, make the temperature controlling more direct viewing and the parameter more precise.

  5.Self-cleaning, screws can be cleaned by reputing wasted material.

  6.According to different screw design rate to full different technology request.

  7.With different structure, it is used in human food area and pet food area.

Technical Parameters:


 TSE130  TSE120  TSE95  TSE85  TSE75  TSE70 TSE65
 Installed powder
 210KW  160KW  105KW  90KW  85KW  45KW 35KW
 Main motor powder
 190KW  145KW  90KW  75KW  75KW  30KW 22KW
 Output(kg/h)  3000-5000  2000-3000  1500-2000  600-800  600-700  200-250 100-150
 Dimension(m)  7.5*2.2*4.2  5.2*1.5*3.8  4.9*1.4*3.2  3.9*1.2*2.8  3.8*1.2*2.8  2.8*1.0*1.9 2.7*0.9*1.8

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Some fish feed, pet food, snacks and other products made by our machine :



Edible utensil

eco friendly products

Pet food

pet food

Fish feed

fish feed

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