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Pillow Packing Machine




  1. Horizontal Packing Machine is convenient in bag length controlling. It is with advanced dual frequency conversion design;

  2. It is with reasonable complete machine design and stable performance; simple in operation with PLC full computerization;

  3. It is with precise sealing and cutting with high precision photoelectric tracking system;

  5. It is with positioned stop function without sticking to the reamer and wasting the roll film

  6.It’s suitable for the pillow-type package of each kind of solid products such as biscuit, instant noodle, bread, egg roll, moon cake, medicine, metal parts and paper box/ wooden box, etc.

Technical Parameters:

  Model: HXY-250

  Width of film: Max.250mm

  Length of bag: 65~190mm 120~280mm 90~220mm

  Width of bag: 30~110mm 30-80mm

  Height of bag: Max.40mm Max. 55mm

  Diameter of film:  Max.320mm

  Packing speed:  40~230bags/minutes

  Voltage:  220V,50/60HZ,2.4KVA

  Dimension: (L)3770×(W)670×(H)1450 mm

  Weight:  600Kg

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