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Microwave Dryer



  1. Microwave dryer is with drying, sterilization, puffing function for nutritional cereals, Nutrional rice, seasonings, snacks, dried fruits, building materials, ceramics, etc.

  2. Selective beating. Water molecule strongly absorb microwave. So high water parts absorb more microwave than low water part. Then high-water part is heating more part. This selective heating characteristics make sure material is uniformly heated and uniform dried.

  3. Water dehydration direction is from inside to the outside, therefore, microwave drying has puffed effect on the subsequent crushing of great help.

  4.The energy efficient. Microwave directly works on the material, therefore no additional heat loss. Furnace air and corresponding container will not heat to save high thermal efficiency. The production environment is also significantly improved. it can save 30%energy comparing with the far-infrared heating type.

Microwave Oven Working Video:

Sample Products:

products been dried by microwave oven

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